New Work, New Changes.

I realize the changes are subtle, maybe so subtle that I’ll point them out.

Here is the technical stuff:

  1. Horizontal - panoramic view is what I was going for here.

  2. Two subjects - mother and child perhaps.

  3. Background is no longer white , rather there are some subtle browns and greys. There I go with that word subtle again.

  4. And now as a result, I have a narrative with two figures interacting.

I started off by placing both figures in the centre but, realized if I wanted a landscape view I would need to place the mother and child to the right of the picture plane. It effectively made the 24 x 48” canvas look longer that it actually is. Now I had the problem of filling in this empty white space to the left. I decided it would be too artificial a device to put a third person in that space . Eventually a “smokey” background with some greys and browns did the trick. It created some depth in the picture that was needed.

My idea behind “Invisible Sun” started as a mother and child holding hands. Of course an expression of love a Mother has for her child. Classic enough. Then I realized that the adult could be holding hands with a memory of her younger self. Is the Sun rising or setting ? Possibilities seem endless here. For that reason, I’m excited about the new work and the new changes that lie ahead for this series.