Introduce Yourself

I’ve been told that some collectors think that I’m new to the art world. It’s been 22 years since I’ve been actively painting and sucessfully selling my art in Toronto, Canada. Like most artists I’ve had my ups and downs. I’ve also been lucky, let me rephrase that, worked hard and created my own luck to have a career in this field. Here are a list of only a few of my accomplishments and notable information about my work.

-Style-I used to paint Pop Art images all made out of dots. The paintings looked computerized and it was done by hand ( no prints or transfers) in acrylic paint. It ran its course for me when I realized it only has a small window to exist. The works became sort of throw away in my mind although the execution of the work wasn’t. I have always had high standards. Although it is a current popular trend (excuse the pun), like most trends they eventually go away. What I didn’t want was clients who purchased my work scratching their heads years later and saying to themselves “what was I thinking”. I felt I needed to produce works with more staying power and substance. Eventually in the early 2000’s I switched over to my current style and began working in oils. I would describe my current work as- real and minimal. I think thats it. I’ve tried to reduce an idea to its simplest form. The thing is, there is nothing simple about making these works. I don’t use white paint. I felt white paint made skin tones and highlights look too unnatural and “chaulky”, little did I know the amount of anguish it would cause technically. Now I have a good handle on it. It only took me ten years to figure out :).

_New York Art Expo-I sold 15 paintings in three days. That was a good year.

_Bata Shoe Museum purchased two of my shoe paintings. I made custom easels for the pieces, they were much smaller than the usual large size pieces I work in.


-Homesense - carried my “Zero Gravity” prints in select stores throughout Ontario in 2018.

This is only a few of many accomplishments throughout my career.

If you’ve read this far, hopefully you can check back every so often, to see what I’m up to.

Hi I’m Joseph!